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My firm has engaged the professional private investigative services of Lone Pine Investigations since 2005. We have worked together on varying degrees of criminal cases, murder trials and civil cases.
Retaining Lone Pine Investigations to assist with our criminal cases has been beneficial and practical. While retaining Lone Pine Investigations, they have been able to locate hard to find or unknown witnesses and interview those witnesses, perform due diligence on opposing counsel's witnesses, aid in communications with clients and their families and many more invaluable investigative services and techniques.
Lone Pine Investigations is a professional experienced organization which will go the distance to support attorneys and clients working closely with both in efforts to achieve the desired results. ~ September 12, 2012
Mark Cargill - Attorney At Law
Cargill & Associates
Palestine, Texas

I have had the opportunity to utilize the investigative services of Claire Cooper Black and Lone Pine Investigations on a couple of cases in Houston County. The most recent case on which we collaborated was a murder trial where we succeeded in obtaining a Not Guilty verdict for our client by reason of Self Defense.
As an attorney practicing in criminal defense, I find it advantageous to have the assistance of not just any investigative team but a professional investigative team such as Lone Pine Investigations which realizes that our clients are human beings and not just statistics.
Lone Pine Investigations works tirelessly to investigate all aspects of my client's cases so that I may put forth the best defense for the most favorable outcome for my clients. ~ October 30, 2012
Jeff Herrington - Attorney At Law
Former District Attorney, Anderson County, Texas
Palestine, Texas
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There really is no way to express our appreciation for all of your help and support in the recent trial and conviction of an individual for Misapplication of Fiduciary Property Against the Elderly, on behalf of our father Jack Brittain.
This trial was a long time coming - six years since the first offense and four and a half after we brought our suspicions and concerns to you - but well worth the wait.  I remember standing on my dad's porch on the telephone, learning that you had found a previous felony charge for a forged check.  That finding, like so much of the other information you uncovered, was key from start to finish in this case, from getting the attention of local and state authorities to convincing the jury to give the maximum sentence and fine.
With your assistance and expertise, we learned very specific information.  You single-handedly discovered the marriage, divorce and remarriage by proxy to another gentlemen.  That proxy marriage, unkown even to that gentlemen, motivated his family to work with the district attorney prosecuting our case.  You put us in touch with a third family whose loved one was victimized by the same individual, who also got involved with our case and trial.  Their combined testimonies were crucial in convincing the jury of handing down a maximum sentence.
As you know, my family did a lot of our own work over the past several years to bring this individual to trial.  But honestly, if not for you, we would never have found much of the evidence that eventually led to the conviction.
And now, we offer sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all of your work on the case and trial, as well as wholehearted support for your efforts on behalf of House Bill 869 in the Texas State Legislature that tightens guidelines for proxy marriages.
Many, many thanks again.  You are truly awesome and a formidable ally! ~ February 2013
Kathleen Brittain Luther
on behalf of the family of the late Jack Brittain