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Going through a divorce? Need to locate estate assets?         
Let us assist you and/or your attorney with locating possible hidden assets.

(Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies and Investment Accounts are ALL PRIVACY PROTECTED under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act - GLBA, of 1999.  This information is only acquirable LEGALLY through subpoenas or written authorization from the account or policy holders.) 


Background Investigations can be performed on companies and their principles or on individuals. Please see our Financial Exploitation or Abuse page regarding information on potential love interests or spouses. This information is extremely helpful for people of all ages!

If you have tried to perform background searches on the internet yourself, you usually find web sites that offer free searches (with limited information) only to be lead to another site which will charge for information which is usually incorrect or stale information.

An investigative search performed by Lone Pine Investigations covers numerous data bases only available to approved, licensed and insured investigative companies or government entities and are unavailable to the general public.  Our searches are not limited to data bases only.

Lone Pine's Investigators have the knowledge and expertise to perform Background Investigations which they have derived from years of experience.

Lone Pine Investigations can tailor Background Investigations to meet your individual needs.

Lone Pine Investigations can assist you and your attorney with matters related to civil litigation. Whether you need to locate family members, need forensic photos and/or accident reconstruction, financial forensics, we can assist. Give us a call so that we may discuss the specific services and circumstances regarding your case.

When you have been charged with a crime, the District Attorney or the County Attorney have had the advantage of local law enforcement's investigators compiling information on your case for presentation to their respective offices.

Both the District Attorney and County Attorney may also have investigators on staff who will be investigating your case.

Why don't you have an investigator?

Shouldn't you have the same advantages as the prosecution team?

You need a private investigator or detective to even the field.  And you should hire that investigator as soon as possible.  Because the facts are witness memories fade, people move and evidence may be mishandled or deteriorating.  Time is of the essence during a criminal investigation.  Take advantage of  being proactive.  Chances are local law enforcement and prosecutors are overworked and understaffed.  

Lone Pine Investigations has been assisting local attorneys and their clients in Houston, Anderson and surrounding counties with their criminal cases since our inception in 2004.

Have your attorney give us a call so that we may discuss the aspects of your case and what investigative needs you may have.