​Nationwide Skip Tracing or Locates

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                                        Nationwide Skip Tracing Investigations

                       For Banks, Credit Unions, Vehicle Finance Companies

                     and Attorneys for Repossession, Collections or Litigation.

Claire Cooper Black of Lone Pine Investigations, a former banker with 30 plus years in the financial industry as a former lender and collections manager, is an experienced skip tracer.

As collection efforts become an extremely important factor for creditors during times of economic downturn, you need someone that has the experience, knowledge and dedication to locate your clients or customers. 

Many individuals will default on their credit obligations by relocating with the intent of becoming untraceable for repossession or collection through litigation.

You may have turned the matter over to your attorney but most attorneys do not want to spend the time skip tracing your lost customer or client.

Lone Pine Investigation's Skip Tracing Expert can assist you, your company or your attorney with locating that elusive customer or client. And our hourly rates are probably less than your attorneys.
The reality is that attorneys don't go to law school to learn skip tracing techniques. That's not why you have retained them.

Give us a call today for assistance in locating that hard to find customer or client. We have a genuine concern for our clients and will go the extra mile to fulfill our assignments.

Are you trying to contact a relative or hard to find individual whom you haven't had communication with for some time?

Do you represent someone in either a real estate transaction or legal action in which a relative or individual needs to be located?

Do you need to locate someone for civil process service?

Lone Pine Investigations specializes in locating individuals with over 40 years of experience in this field.