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Licensed by TxDPS-PSB #A12025

                                           Have you considered all the advantages of having an
                                     experienced, licensed professional investigator on call  

                                                                  whenever the need arises.

A Licensed Investigator
10)  Has a level of security clearance necessary to access numerous databases unavailable to the public.
9)   Is experienced in gathering exculpatory evidence for the defense.
8)   Has the necessary skills to interview witnesses for credibility and accuracy.
7)   Is able to conduct valuable, detailed background investigations.
6)   Has knowledge and experience in legal, professional surveillance.
5)   Is able to perform civil process service.  (Not all companies provide this service)
4)   Is affiliated with professional associations offering valuable support and countless resources.
3)   Will prepare diagrams; obtain photographs and videos to support your case.
2)   Is licensed by the state, bonded, insured and expertly trained.
And Last But Not Least - The #1 Advantage of Having a Licensed Investigator
Your opposing counsel has a licensed investigator on retainer with all the skill and resources available to defeat you and your client.
How will your case stand in court without the same arsenal of information?